Welcome to the Talon Archive!

As the high school magazine for Graded, the American School of São Paulo, the Talon strives to be innovative, intellectually provocative, and visually engaging. Written by students, it seeks to expose the Graded community and beyond to issues of local and global importance, diverse perspectives, and the maturing voices within the high school.

Starting with the first edition of the Talon published in 2001, this archive memorializes the efforts of past staff members, faculty, and guest contributors. It chronicles Graded’s history through the prose of its former students, as well as cements the lasting impact of this publication on the community.

As this was our final undertaking as members of the Talon student leadership team for the 2015-2016 academic year, our aim was that by sorting through boxes of past issues, decrypting corrupted files, and scanning individual pages that were missing from the M-Drive (where our vast hub of Talon resources resides), we could commemorate the efforts of former students. In some cases, appreciation of pieces comes more than a decade after their original publication.

With that said, digitizing these past editions would have been impossible had it not been for the former advisors, particularly Mary Pfeiffer and Josh Berg. We would like to thank them for preserving past editions in both CDs and print issues. Without their thoughtfulness and organization, this archive would likely be fragmented and largely unable to share the Talon’s rich cache of writings.

We would also like to thank the 2015-2016 school year Talon advisors, Kira Quesnell, James Sigafoos, and Marcelo Bulgarelli, who permitted us to initiate and execute this project. We recognize the trust they have placed in us as we not only grew into our respective roles during the year, but also as we took on challenges, with the notable example of this archive, that have otherwise never been accomplished.

With more than one hundred editions to be read and, it is hoped, many more to be written, the Talon represents the culmination of some of the finest texts produced by the Graded student body. From glossing over bygone news headlines to reading point-of-view columns that retain their relevance to browsing reviews of movies released years ago, we hope that you treasure this archive of past Talons.

Best Regards,

Faria Nasruddin & Michael Borger, Editors-in-Chief (2015-2016)

Gabriel Civita Ramirez, Image Master (2015-2016)